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I'm Back, Yo

2015-04-16 03:06:15 by StaticBunny

Hey all,

My second coming to Newgrounds is upon us. And like last time I said I was going to, it's not going to be here. But instead here -

I'll have a demo reel of what I've been doing the past year there and soon another cartoon I've been working on for a couple months.

I'm not expecting all my old fans to see this, but to those who never lost faith in me, thank you. Means the world.

Your pal, Evan


2012-08-09 01:14:01 by StaticBunny

Sorry for never being here! I just haven't been animating at all in the past two months, so I might as well fill you with some details of what I'm up to.

I'm drawing daily comics on Facebook called "The Pepper Pancake". If you like puns and puppies, check it out

As for animations, well, I have two on the horizon. One of them is "Smooth as Sandpaper", the one I've been hyping for so long, and the other is a cereal commercial.

Stay tight, Newgrounds.

Animations on the Horizon

2012-05-09 16:25:22 by StaticBunny

So yeah, I have several different storyboards and even more unwritten ideas for animations that I will be posting to this site (although more will be on my YouTube account).

To start, a junk animation, "Every Rapper Ever", part of the "Everything Ever" series, will be posted probably within the week. I don't expect it to get rave reviews or even a good score for that matter.

However, an animation I'm putting my full effort into currently is on the horizon for a tentative release date of June 8th (my birthday :D), entitled "Smooth as Sandpaper." You can watch the trailer for that here.

After that, I'll start a Powerpuff Girls parody I've wanted to make for quite some time, going by the name of "Powerpuff Girls Logic" for now. Details on that will be released in time. Then possibly following will be a Pokemon short (how original).

Ice Age Buddies 2 is getting minimal progress, and I'm still waiting on some voice actors to get their lines in, so some heavy delays are on that cartoon. My apologies to those of you who are actually looking forward to that.

More "Everything Ever" episodes should be made too, including one about movies and another about video games. Which I'm predicting based on my improved animation and writing will actually be pretty popular, although anything can happen on this big wacky website that I love.

So yeah, that's about it for now. I shouldn't be making another post here for quite some time, so absorb all you can get out this. Good luck to everyone, I'll go back to work.

Here's a still from "Smooth as Sandpaper".

Animations on the Horizon

Pointless Updates and Such

2012-04-12 22:26:12 by StaticBunny

So yeah, I'm working on several different toons at this point, with only one of which will have minimal effort put into it. All of these will be released here on Newgrounds, except for my belated easter special "An Ordinary Easter", which should be posted on YouTube tomorrow in shotty quality. If it's already tomorrow, check it out on my channel.

One of these videos will be the sequel to the critically acclaimed (daily 5th, f yeah) "Ice Age Buddies". The other, most likely to be released earlier, is titled "Smooth as Sandpaper." Check out a preview:

Later, peeps. You're all delicious.

Pointless Updates and Such

Rest in peace, Edd

2012-03-27 22:13:24 by StaticBunny

I'm sure you've already heard but unfortunately on the morning of March 25, 2012, Edd Gould, or more know by Eddsworld, passed away after battling cancer for so long. He was truly a gentle and sweet person, and his animations touched many, including myself.

To me, Edd was a hero. He's one of the main reasons I even ever wanted to animate in the first place. His "eddisodes" were well animated and delightly humorous to watch, and would always bring a smile to my face. To hear of his death is just absolutely heartbreaking.

Cancer has taken many great people, and unfortunately took my, our, the world of Edd, Eddsworld. May he forever rest in peace and drink some bacon flavored Coca Cola up in heaven.

Words from his closest friends

Ice Age Buddies

2012-02-17 17:27:47 by StaticBunny

I finished the first episode of my new series Ice Age Buddies not too long ago. If you haven't already, go check it out. If you don't care, whatever.

I started the project in early August last year and only finished animating it recently. In my opinion, it was a funny, interesting, and well animated cartoon. Okay, maybe not well animated, but still.

Although for the next episode, I will improve the sound quality, tell the voice actors to do a better job (cept the narrator) and overall make a more interesting and humorous story.

And most of you won't care. In fact, all of you probably won't care.

Catch you on the brighter later.

Ice Age Buddies

Updates, yada yada

2012-01-29 00:35:57 by StaticBunny

I'm working on several different cartoons at the moment, and expect them all to be released in February. The first of these may either be a Valentine's Day music video or the pilot of my original animated series.

Stay tuned.

Updates, yada yada

Thanks, Newgrounds, for approving of my flash animation! (despite the fact that it is unfinished)

Another flash has been uploaded, and I want everyone to know what they think.

Thanks again!


2011-12-16 16:16:05 by StaticBunny

I am Static Bunny.